If you’ve been looking for qualified solar leads, our services are all you need right now! We generate high-quality solar leads for you through different ways! Your success is always our success!

What are Solar Leads?

Solar Leads refer to potential customers that seem to be interested in investing in residential solar panels. They become leads when they willingly change into buyers. However, what makes solar leads different is that it is a long-term purchase and it takes a lot of trust and faith in a good solar company for one to make a huge investment. No matter how much the cost falls, it still can never be cheap! Keeping that in mind, solar leads are comparatively harder to find due to multiple reasons including being hesitant to spend a huge amount money and not being able to decide which solar company to go for.

The demand for residential solar panels has been rising quite a lot lately. This certainly means that more people have been looking for a good solar company to get provided with just the right solar panel for them. This leads to a conclusion that since there already are a lot of people around who are literally just a few clicks away from choosing a solar company that they think works the best for them, the competition has also become higher than ever! Therefore, a solar company that wishes to be chosen over and over again need to realise that the door-to-door sale days are long gone and they have been very efficiently replaced with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Why have people turned towards solar panels?

Home owners as well as business owners have been taking it seriously to consider rooftop panels to get their own electricity generated. Following are the reasons why people now choose solar panels:


The biggest reason why solar panels did not ever get the same attention before but now does is that the manufacturing technology behind creating them has been developed quite a lot lately. They do not leave us with the same, old complaints anymore.


Solar panels are not easier to get your hands on! Yes, it is absolutely not how it used to be. You can now get the solar panel over a few clicks. All you have to do is choose what plan you think would be right for you and enjoy the relief it brings you!

Attractive plans

All the solar companies have come up with plans so attractive that it has become hard to refuse them. The plans that they offer are all about you and how you can make solar panels extremely useful for you, saving a lot of your money.

Why do you need to buy Solar Leads?

As mentioned earlier, the days of door-to-door sales have nearly lost their importance. Since it is a digital world, different digital marketing strategies are now needed to get the best solar leads. It is very easy to state that as a solar company, you can manage to get solar leads on your own but you come to know how much of a big deal it is once you step into it. Having to run a solar company is a challenge in itself and you already have a lot on your plate to deal with. Managing a solar company, especially is as hard as it sounds or even more because it is where people have made long-term huge investments in.

It is always a good idea to trust a good agency like us with your solar needs, especially when it has an experience of years in the field. You can be burning midnight oil to generate solar leads through advanced technology but still fail at doing so due to lack of experience and expertise. What can ever be better than pre-qualified leads knocking at your door themselves? Well, this surely can be been possible by partnering with us since we come with state-of-the-art marketing strategies to ensure maximum conversions. You get your return on investment maximized, have the best solar leads and obviously save a lot of your time. Dealing with solar leads always requires a lot of experience as you are literally convincing people to trust you with huge investments!

Why are solar leads essential for your business?

Buying solar leads has always turned out to be beneficial for all the solar companies out there. The fact that all of the benefits surely depend on the solar-lead agency that you pick. Just how a good agency can do wonders to your business, one wrong decision can prove itself to be exactly the opposite. Therefore, you should always be careful before making a decision regarding your solar leads as they play a very vital role in the growth of your business. The success of your business truly revolves around the amount of “high-quality” leads that you get.



Solar Leads can be very beneficial to your business due to the following reasons:

Solar leads experts
When you partner with an agency that consists of a team of experts who are well-versed with the solar market, knowing exactly how it works, you have automatically won half of the game. As mentioned multiple times above, getting solar leads is never an easy task and it does demand a lot! The solar-market-experts understand your niche well enough to bring you the kind of valuable leads that you have been looking for.
Do you think marketing is easy and cheap? Well, absolutely not! Marketing requires excellent advertising or marketing campaigns that again, are very difficult to manage. It takes weeks of hard work and efforts to run a good marketing campaign and above all, it costs you a lot. You can avoid all of this fuss by joining hands with an agency that can do all that for you even better than you ever could! You can now get what you want through a cheaper way.
Getting rid of additional burden
When your staff stays too occupied looking for prospective customers to reach out, they always happen to ignore the rest of the responsibilities that they have or in some cases, the attention gets divided and no task gets done properly or completely. When you buy solar leads, you can lift a lot of burden off your staff since they already have a lot on their plat to tackle. If they focus well on their responsibilities, it’s already a win for your business.
Maintenance of brand reputation
At times, it gets extremely annoying to deal with potential customers when they keep calling you again and again for reassurance. When you aren’t an expert, you may as well end up saying something that may sound offensive or miss all of their call intentionally to avoid what they make you go through. For that, buying solar leads is the best possible solution as you actually, in simple words, hire professionals to save the reputation of your brand and leave all of this to them!

Why should you choose us for your solar leads?

Regardless of the size of our clients’ businesses, we are committed to giving them the best service possible. Once you work with us, it will be easier for you see why top insurance companies continue to choose us! Some of the reasons why we are the first choice of many are:

Excellent Team
You don't need to be concerned about your leads with us because they are, without a single doubt, in the hands you can trust! The staff that we consist of has been in the same line of work for more than 10 years and are adept at interacting with potential clients. They are all outstanding communicators and have sufficient experience to boost conversions. You won't have to worry about it because we all work together to deliver you the best solar leads!
High-Quality Leads
With us, you get the best leads. Our services reflect our hardwork and consistency which shows that we do not keep following the same old trends or strategies for our clients but the leads you are provided with are worthwhile and qualified enough to result in a situation where all three parties—including them, you, and us—win. Here’s a chance for you to sit back and enjoy the process of your success.
Cutting-edge Technology
Before sending leads to you, we filter them using state-of-the-art technologies. We employ fresh tactics to boost conversions, and each one is adaptable and custom-made to meet the needs and demands of our customers. All you have got to do is tell what your eligibility criteria is in order to enjoy the best results! them. Despite the fact that we qualify them before they get to you, you can still test them and remain satisfied! For any of your clients to be willing to contact you directly, we know exactly how to deal with them.
Whatever we accomplish, we will always be available to give you any insights you desire to explore for your satisfaction! Since we literally have nothing to hide, we believe in being transparent in every way. Every step taken by us is always pretty obvious to all of the clients we work with and they can always feel free to ask any kind of questions running through their head. No matter what the inquiries are about, we always feel no hesitation in responding to them. With us, you don't have to hold back anything that crosses your mind or gives birth to any suspicion regarding our methods.
We are one of the very few agencies that happen to offer all of the top-notch services at incredibly low prices. We make everything extremely simple for you especially by putting all the plans and their costs in front of you. You can always choose what plan you want for yourself and also, we ensure that we are affordable for businesses of all sizes!

What makes us different?

There surely are many competitors around us but there are some things that make us different. We have all the high-quality services to bring to the table but along with that, there are multiple other things that definitely differentiate us from all others and are probably the reason why we keep growing every day!

One of the most important reasons why our clients keep coming back to us definitely has to be the fact that most of our work is done organically and manually. We do not believe in buying leads from a cheap wholesaler since we are aware of the fact that they are never going to be your long-lasting clients. All of the leads brought to you are 100% genuine and real, the kind of people who really are interested in getting solar panels.

Another important part associated with us is that we lay stress on qualifying all of the solar leads long before bringing them to you. You no longer have to go through the same old process of being stuck the qualification of the leads. You can totally count on us when it comes to qualifies leads since our 100% focus is on the quality of the leads that you get.

Are you ready to get your return on investment doubled? Well, if yes, here is the biggest opportunity for you! Yes, you can reach all of your targets in a very short period of time once you join hands with us. We do not only bring high0quality leads to you but also make sure that we prove ourselves to be beneficial to you through every way that we can!

How are Solar leads generated?

Our lead-generation process is literally all you need to get the best solar leads! Here’s why:

Live Transfer Solar Leads
Out of all the types of leads, Live Transfer has always turned out to be the most beneficial. Our live Transfer process of lead generation helps you save a lot of your time and energy, also assuring that the leads sent to you are absolutely worth it. With this, your staff does not have to spend hours trying to reach out to people only to find out that they are not eligible enough. The leads that you receive are always the ones that are genuinely interested in getting a residential solar panel and prove themselves to be truly valuable. We have your back at times when your agents happen to miss any of the important calls.
Telemarketing Solar leads
Solar leads generated by outbound calls are what we consider in Telemarketing Solar leads. Using a variety of calling software, the perfect script for telemarketers has been created by our experts. The script includes every piece of information that would be required to respond to a lead's query, ensuring that the lead is not overlooked. The best and most qualified prospects are called by our telemarketers to inform them about the benefits of your insurance plan and how it can be beneficial for them. We take care of your valuable leads and understand how important communicating with them properly is especially when talking about solar panels.
Facebook Solar leads
Facebook is one important social media platform that will always have a place in the digital world. This is exactly why lead generation through Facebook is still very common and is considered very effective. There is less input and more output when it comes to using Facebook for generating high-quality solar leads. We create eye-catching ads to be posted on Facebook and the eligible leads reach out to you themselves. What can be a better way to generate the best leads? The best kinds of leads are certainly the kind of leads that knock at your door themselves for getting a solar panel.
Website Solar leads
Once you partner with us, you’ll come to know that there are many websites associated with Solar panels. All of these websites help the clients get solar quotes which results in the increase in the number of leads. There are many other websites that we have collaborated with as well that happen to offer quotations which is one of the best ways to get more and more leads. The leads sent to you are always qualified. Leads that reach out to you through websites are mostly all eligible and worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Solar Leads are basically homeowners looking for solar panels that suit them the most.

Well, the cost of the Solar Leads highly depends on the agency offering it. The cost varies from company to company. The cheapest rates in the world are being offered by us!

Absolutely! The leads that we offer happen to be exclusive and unique with no other contractor nor are they recycled.

No biggie! If you wish to quit, you can do so anytime, anywhere. You won’t have to go through any long process for that or there is no contract that keep you bound.