What are Medicare Leads?

Medicare leads refer to the people who are interested in buying any of the plans offered by Medicare. All of this entirely revolves around the criteria that Medicare has to declare someone eligible or non-eligible. For example, people over 65 or older, people with certain disabilities in general and people fighting renal disease can be considered as true Medicare Leads. The leads, after converting, will then be offered plans. Medicare leads are not hard to look for but not to forget that you are never sure if you’re actually reaching out to people who are worth your time. There are many people who themselves want to get their Medicare insurance done but then again, on the other hand, there are many eligible people who lack awareness.

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There are different ways of getting the best Medicare leads. All you have got to do is focus on the eligibility criteria of Medicare in order to increase your conversions. It is definitely not easy to reach out to people and convince them as to how they are eligible for Medicare and why they need it for themselves. People who need assistance with healthcare are reached out by our experts who know exactly how to bring the best available leads to you. People who already are interested in Medicare advantage plans are told about what you have to bring to the table for them and how you happen to be better than the rest. Medicare leads, again should not be mistaken for Medicaid while qualifying them or all you would ever face is disappointments and wastage of time.

Why do you need to buy Medicare Leads?

It is always a good idea to buy Medicare leads due to multiple reasons. When you choose to buy Medicare leads instead of spending weeks looking for them, there is a lot that you save yourself and your company from. Every member of your staff already has quite a few responsibilities to fulfill. When you give them an additional task as challenging as finding the best Medicare leads, they either fail at one or all at once. This is why many top insurance companies have partnered with us in order to get pre-qualified Medicare leads.

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider buying Medicare leads is, due to the sensitivity of the topic, any other person can not just go and interact with different people to make them “convert.” A lot of experience and skills are required to talk to the potential customers for them to actually choose you. Therefore, what can be better than hiring a team full of experts that literally do this all the time and are experienced enough to get you high-quality Medicare leads? Why not leaves all of this to the experts to deal with?

Why is buying Medicare leads important for your business?

Well, buying quality Medicare leads is extremely important for your business due to multiple reasons. Some of them are listed below.


Have experts work for you

When you join hands with an agency as good as Tele Leads, you can hire people who are professional at dealing with Medicare leads. You do not have to burn midnight oil for absolutely nothing when you can easily hire us to have the best possible results in a very short period of time. It is very important to have experts work for you who understand your niche well.

It is cost-effective

Although marketing seems extremely easy and cheap, it is exactly the opposite. We’re all aware of what wonders marketing does to a business and that it is needed quite a lot to get maximum Medicare leads. Getting marketing campaigns run to make people aware of what you have to bring to the table is one hell of a task! When you choose to buy leads, you leave all of this to them and get everything done in a cheaper way, especially when you partner with us.

No need to get over-burdened

When you buy Medicare leads, you no longer have to stress over looking for them. You can absolutely be free to focus on something that requires more of your attention and can not be neglected at any cost. Your agents already have so much on their plate that they may find it very hectic to also deal with all the potential customers in order to make sure that they are worth it.

Save the reputation of your brand!

The way you treat your potential customers says a lot about your brand. This is exactly why leaving the entire Medicare lead generation process to us can help your brand maintain its reputation. We make this possible by being consistent, polite and dealing with them professionally. No matter how many times they wish to get back to us for any kind of questions, we respond with the same level of energy that keeps the clients satisfied.

Why choose us for Medicare Leads?

We, at Tele Leads are completely aware of the importance of generating high-quality leads and strive to keep our clients happy and satisfied by successfully meeting all of their expectations.

We are affordable!

It would be wrong to state that we do not have competitors in market. We sure do have quite a few of them, however, we can, without a single doubt ensure you that we offer the best services at the lowest costs in market. This is what makes many clients want to hold on to us!

We ensure quality leads!

It is true that you can easily get as many Medicare leads as you want but the real challenge is to make sure that the leads are of high-quality. We pre-qualify leads before bringing them to you. There is basically a long process of lead-qualification that we come with.

We have an experienced team!

Our team consists of experts that have been dealing with Medicare leads for a very long time now. We believe that working all together always leads to the best results. Our agents give their 100% to all the clients we work with and has never for once, disappointed a single client!

We are transparent

We believe in 100% transparency and pellucidity. We make sure that we put all of our plans right in front of you and there is no cost that stays hidden. Apart from that, you can always ask for access to any of the insights that you are doubtful over.

What makes us different from others?

There are many things that differentiate us from all of the competitors around. We have successfully left our competitors far behind in the race by never compromising on the quality of our services. Out of them, some are:


We bring genuine leads to you!

All of the leads brought to you are genuine and true. None of them is brought from a wholesaler whose entire job is to sell cheap leads to provide you with shortcuts. Such shortcuts have never, honestly gotten anyone anywhere as the results that they provide are never long-lasting.

We bring qualified Medicare leads to you!

The best part about partnering with is definitely that pre pre-qualify your leads long before they reach you. No do not have to take calls or have to deal with them through any way. Everything has been made easy by us to save the reputation of your brand as well as sending qualified leads to you.

Get your Return on Investment doubled!

When you work with Tele leads, we, along with looking for high-quality Medicare leads, lay great stress on maximizing your return on investment. We try every possible way to make sure that we prove ourselves to beneficial for you, this way or the other.

How do we generate Medicare Leads?

There are multiple ways through which we ensure high-quality lead generation process. Some of them are:

Telemarketing Medicare Leads

Telemarketing revolves around the process of outbound calls. This is still an important way to get Medicare leads generated due to multiple reasons. We use multiple software to create the best telemarketing script to use when it comes to dealing with Medicare leads. The script that we come with consists of everything that you might need while communicating with potential customers.

Live Transfer Medicare Leads

Live Transfer Medicare leads are extremely effective. This helps you save a lot of your time as all the customer-dealing is done by us. Live Transfer has always turned out to beneficial to generate leads. You can get exactly what you want by partnering with us, that too, in a very short time. You will always be getting hold of the leads that are genuinely interested in buying your plans.

Facebook Medicare Leads

Facebook is still one of the most powerful social media platforms when it comes to lead generation. Facebook marketing has ever been popular and effective! What we do is, create the best ads to post on Facebook for your high-quality leads to see. This is how 80% of the times, people who are eligible reach out to you themselves, creating the best leads so far. You can always count on us for that!

Website Medicare Leads

There are many websites that our Medicare leads are connected with. Also, there are many websites that have partnered with us and happen to offer quotations for Medicare leads. This always leads to an increase in the number of leads, leading to higher return on investment. Tele Leads knows exactly how to increase your conversions and provide you with your desired results right in time!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Medicare Leads are potential customers that are interested in buying Medicare advantage plans.

It depends on the agency that you have decided to partner with. There are agencies that cost quite a lot but then, there are some like Tele Leads that are a lot cheaper.

The Medicare leads that we bring to you are always 100% exclusive and genuine.

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